Standard Delivery

For our launch we will be offering free delivery for our first 242 first-time orders and on orders over $25 after that. Standard delivery is $2.99 for all orders under $25. Delivery offers and rates are valid in New Providence. 

We deliver to New Providence home and work addresses as well as to the Mail boat services for Family Island purchases between the hours of 9am-6pm.  Customers are responsible for Mailboat pickups and cost.

Not in place when items are shipped?

You can leave the name of a person who can accept your purchases on your behalf.  Please note, a valid Government issued ID is required to receive packages. 

Expedite Delivery

We are only able to expedite New Providence orders at this time, but we hope to expand those choices in the future.  Orders expedited will be received within 24 hrs and are subject to a $7.99 delivery fee.  Any expedite order received after 24 hrs will receive free delivery on your next order.


For Family Islands, we offer direct delivery to Mail boat services where custody of the items will be placed in care of the purchaser.  Shipping to Family islands through Mail boat services is subject to Mail boat service's shipping fees, terms, and agreements.




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